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Dear Customers!

As you probably know already, from 11th of November 2020, new measures will come into force that will also affect the Sportkartya service. 

Under the government's order, all leisure facilities will be closed, including our partner facilities.

We deal with the emergency in a uniform manner: active Sportkártya contracts will be suspended from 11 November 2020 for a period . 

If it is 30 days, the Sportkártya will be activated on 11 December, if 60 days, then on 11 January 2021, in all other cases we will suspend the contracts until the restrictions are lifted (more precisely until the facilities are reopened). 

The pause is done automatically, you have nothing to do with it. 

We will of course inform you about the activation.

If your company providing the Sportkártya service, the pause also applies to you, contact your HR department for more information.

With regard to contracts, the principle is that all paid days of all our members are credited.

If you have already paid the November monthly fee, we will credit you 20 days after activation. The end of your loyalty period does not change, we do not extend contracts.

If your contract expires during the suspension or you are an annual fee payer, we will extend your contract by the days you have already paid.

Our members who have not yet paid the November monthly fee and do not receive the amount by November 13 will miss out on similar discount options similar to the summer reactivation. The contracts will not be terminated, the payment obligation will be continuous even after the reactivation.

Customer service changes

From 11/11/2020 to more information

telephone customer service is available Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 15:00

Our 24-hour hotline service and personal customer reception are suspended

If possible, please prefer email contact, we will try to respond to all incoming inquiries within 5 working days.


We are working hard to offer you alternative sports opportunities during the forced break, and we will contact you shortly with the details.


Thank you for your patience, let's take care of each other!

Sportkártya team