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Gyakori kérdések felhasználóknak

What should I do if I can't log in to the application?
The smooth work of application you have to turn on your Bluetooth and mobile internet of join the local wifi. After that if you still can't log in, obviously you exceeded the number of log ins. In this case our customer service can help you, so write an email to or just call our hotline on +36 1 368 5419.
How can I change my datas?
You can change your datas by clicking "Change data" in the application. However, there are protected datas, like you birth date what you can't change.
How can I change my picture?
Only our customer service can change your picture. So send an email to and we will help you.
Can I turn off the notifications?
This is handled by your phone's operation system, but we don't suggest to turn it off, so you can get notifications from the facilities nearby. We will also send you other informations this way.
How can I change my plan?
If you want to change your plane, you can do it up and down too. To do so, look for our customer service, they will help you. The first modification is free, any further costs 1000 HUF. But it's important, you can't modify your loyalty time.
Why do I see the fee I already paid in the application as a dept?
If you didn't pay online, then processing takes a few working days. After that the debt will disappear.
The application logged me out. How can I log in back?
You need the Login button. You have to enter your card number and your CVC code what we sent you during the registration process. After that you will get an SMS with a code, what you have to type in and that's it. You're logged in.
What if I don't get any SMS?
If you don't receive the SMS, there is the option in the application to ask it again. If after 2 acquires you still don't get it, call our customer service on +36 1 368 5419.
Do I need to keep constantly turn on the bluetooth?
Not necessary, but when you go to work out, turn it on when you ready to go, because you will get notifications when you are near to a facility. And of course, you can check in only if the bluetooth is turned on.
If I download the app as not a user yet, do I have free occasions?
You have to registrate in the application, if you want to try for free our service.
Where can I find, the CVC code?
The CVC code was sent you in an email during the registration process. If you don't find it, call our customer service on +36 1 368 5419.
Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?
You can fint it in the application and on our website too. We suggest to read it before contracting.
How can I pause my subscription?
If you want to pause your subscription because of any reason, you have to write an email to our customer service to However, it's important that you can't pause backwards.
How can I order a plastic card?
You can order a plastic card during the registration process in the application. If you forget to order it, or change your mind, you can easily order whenever you want by writing an email to our customer service to The card has a one-time construction fee, it's 3000 HUF.
What do I have to do if I lost my card?
In this case you have to write an email about that to However, you acn use the service with the application. But if you want another card, you can order it via phone or email.
What do I have to do if my card cracked?
If the NFC chip hasn't damaged, the card is still usable. However, Sportkártya Kft does not assume any liability for any inconvenience caused by cracking or for incorrect operation.
If I use only application, can I go to every facilities?
Most of facilities have application check in system. But don't panic if you find an exception, on facilities there are paper-based attendace sheet. It's easy to fill out and the check in is valid too.
How can I apply for a partner card?
Write an email about that to We will give you every information about the todo's, but important, that your partner only registrate after our answer.
What should I do if I don't want ot extend my contract?
In this case write an email about that to We strive to make our service as smooth as possible, so if you write in the email, why have you decided like that, you help us to improve our service.
You paid every monthly bill from the beginning of the contract, but you even receive demand for payment?
Unfortunately we can't take into consideration what day of month did you registrate. We always bill the whole month.
I paid the first monthly fee, but my card is blocked.
If you didn't choose the online payment method, the processing takes a few days. After that we will unlock your card and we will send an SMS from that too.
I paid the debt, but my card is still inactive. What should I do?
If you didn't choose the online payment method, the processing takes a few days. After that we will unlock your card and we will send an SMS from that too.
When will my card be blocked after the payment deadline?
If you have an overdue bill, we will send a notification email two times before we block your card. If you still don't pay your bill, we will block your card, but we send an email and an SMS about that.
Can I pay with direct debit order?
Unfortunately no, but you can set a permament payment at your bank.
Can I pause longer than 1 month?
You have the opportunity to pause only 1 month. If you want to pause for a longer period, we recommend you to transfer your subscription to a person, who could use it.
I want to terminate my contract, how can I do this?
In this case you have to write an email to We are constantly working to improve the quality of the service, so if you write in the email, why do you want to terminate, you will help improve the service.
I ordered try for free plan, and I would like to contract, what should I do?
In the application you can easily do it, without any fees.


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