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Gyakori kérdések elfogadóhelyeknek

I want to be a Sportkártya facility, what do I have to do?
If you have heard about our service or your guests have been interested about Sportkártya using and you would like to know more, here are some useful information: Sportkártya is a combined sportpass, that allows users to visit lot of facilities. A facility can be a fitness-room, a yoga club, a swimming pool, a squash and tennis club, an ice hall, a wallingroom, or even a personal trainer individually. The facilities can reach extra income with our users without any marketing costs, because our users will go to you with our contribution. There is no financial conditions of contracting: we don't ask connection fee or annual fee. Do you want to be a facility? Then you have to contact us and discuss the details of the contract with our staff at +36 20 533 1714 or at
How can I be a facility?
If you want ot be a facility you have several options. You can email us on, or call us on +36 1 368 5419 or you can search directly the contact person from us on the +36 20 533 1714.
Do I have to pay for the check in system?
We provide and install you the whole check in system for free. Only the reception staff must be there to let our colleague show the operation of the system. To be a facility costs nothing.
Do you account and billing monthly?
Yes, you can send the invoice at the end of each month, that we will try to complete as soon as possible.
How do I get my money?
Based on your invoice we will send you the money to your bank account.


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