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Gyakori kérdések cégeknek

Why aren't public the company construction prices?
We make a unique contract with each company based on their needs and capabilities so we can not establish a single standard price.
What do we mean under company contracting?
We mean that the company gives Sportkártya to their employees like a fringe benefit, so the company pays the discounted prices.
Is it possible the colleagues order the Sportkártya within their cafeteria?
Of course, in this case we make a fixed-term contract with the company accordance with their cafeteria system.
If the company wants to contract, what is the process?
In this case the company has to make a contact with our sales people and after the contracting thy system can operate almost immediately.
If the company gives Sportkártya, as a benefit, how many administrational works do we have?
Sportkártya developed a unique system with the application, which means the administrational works are minimal. Don't have to collect the datas of employees. Every user gives their datas in the application.
What period can a company contract with Sportkártya?
Company contracts are always fixed-term contracts. It can start the beginning of each month.


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